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fleeting dreams F A D E into the D I S T A N C E
all that's L E F T is me and my M E M O R I E S
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5th-Jun-2006 02:24 am - Green Textures + Light Textures
Mitsuki; Ethereal
Oh noes, textures. D:

Green TexturesCollapse )
+ If taking comment and credit
+ .zip contains 18 textures in PNG format
+ Includes the original texture ( 600x600 in size )


+ If taking comment and credit
+ .zip contains 9 textures in PNG format
31st-May-2006 07:34 pm - PIMP DDDDD:
Kidd // Lost


Join it, for the Order of Magdalene compels joo. >=o
29th-May-2006 11:38 pm(no subject)
Kid // Let love bleed.

Full Moon wo Sagashite
+Meroko [5]
+Izumi [1]
+Izumi&Meroko [1]
+Meroko&Takuto [1]



As for taking your soul, it will be necessary for your body to go into physical shock.Collapse )
28th-May-2006 10:58 pm - Kingdom Hearts @ sentient_icons
Mitsuki; Ethereal

+ Series: Kingdom Hearts
+ Icons: 15/25
+ Themes: Anger, pessimism, surprise, euphoric, anxiety, angst, tranquility, excitement, frustration, energetic, sadness, mischief, fear, determination, craziness
+ Date started: 5.28.06
+ Date updated: 5.29.06
+ Resources: Here.
+ Extra: Comment and credit if taking. Some icons do contain spoilers. x3;;

can you hear their euphoria?Collapse )
21st-May-2006 04:08 pm - Chrono Cross @ vg100
Mitsuki; Ethereal
Chrono CrossCollapse )

Chrono Cross - General Series
+ Themes: Lonely, water, deception, sleep, artist's choice x6, opposites, lost, together, laughter, memory, secret, silence, natural, boys, demon, food, amazing, bleed, dark, pride, mystery, passion, black&white, torn, ordinary, humor, destiny, eyes, innocence, wings, shine, happiness, forever, AC 7-15, good-bye, fight, sin

[ recently created themes are bolded ]

+ Icons: 50/100
+ Extra: Please comment & credit if taking.
+ Resources: HERE

Read more...Collapse )

+ Natural; lyrics from Kremlin Dusk by Utada Hikaru.
+ Black and White; lyrics from Kremlin Dusk by Utada Hikaru.
+ Wings; Kokou no Tsubasa translates to "Wings Aloof"
+ Good-bye & Artist's Choice 7-11; lyrics from Exodus '04 by Utada Hikaru.
Mitsuki; Ethereal
x. Kingdom Hearts; 1
x. Xenosaga the animation; 4
x. Chrono Cross; 5
x. Final Fantasy X; 1

x. Comment
x. Credit

x. Teasers;

weeCollapse )

PLUG: rpg_chorus xD;;
17th-May-2006 07:38 pm - Kingdom Hearts; Six icons
Mitsuki; Ethereal
Kingdom Hearts; 6


Calling you home.Collapse )

rpg_chorus needs memberssss.
16th-May-2006 06:40 pm - xDD;;
Mitsuki; Ethereal
Oh lawd, Aunbreath done went and made another icontest community.


A contest for lyrical RPG icons. :DDDDDDDD JOIN.
Mitsuki; Ethereal
x. Kingdom Hearts; 9
x. FFX-2; 1
x. BoF; 1

x. Comment
x. Credit
x. And enjoy. :>

x. Teasers;

But I can feel you breathe...Collapse )

#1 won first place at kingdom_chorus
#4 won first place at kh_stills
#5 won second place at kh_stills
#9 won second place at kh_stills
#11 won second place at rpg_icontest


Join iiiiiiit.
15th-May-2006 10:10 pm - PIMP.
Mitsuki; Ethereal
seed_hush seed_hush seed_hush seed_hush


Join, plzkthx.
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